Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Reasons Why You Should Invest In Ready- possession Homes

When it comes to investing in real estate, the question of whether to go for an under construction site or a ready possession home always arises. Ready possession homes do come at a higher price than under construction sites but, as every coin has two sides, they have certain benefits too. Let us have a look at the beneficial side of the coin.

Great Deals:
Ready possession projects have some great deals to offer and thus you can get your home at a much cheaper cost than you had anticipated. You can get great deals in prime locations of the city. Under construction sites don’t have that privilege, as normally the payment for these sites is made in instalments and thus it is costlier.

Buy What You See:
When it comes to buying houses, it is preferred that you buy what you see. In this way you can get a better idea of what interior you can do to decorate your home. You also get an idea of the furniture you need to use, or how can you use your existing furniture and so on. This also gives you a fair idea of how much money you require to invest in interiors.

Immediate Delivery
The delivery time period is one of the major uncertainties when it comes to buying a flat which is under construction. The more the delivery time is delayed more is the EMI which one has to pay. This can be really frustrating. Therefore investing in a ready to move in flat can be of benefit if we look at it in terms of financial planning.

Well Settled Neighbourhood
The best part about buying a possession ready flat is the well-settled neighbourhood which you get along with that. When you move into a newly constructed or an under construction project it takes a lot of time for the things to run smoothly. However, when it comes to ready to use flats, this problem is also solved as you move into a well-settled neighbourhood where all the facilities like clubhouse, swimming pool, gymnasium are all functioning and you can enjoy these amenities immediately as soon as you move in!

Rental Income

Rent is one of the expenses which you can immediately get rid of. You can move in and save your monthly rent expenses as soon as you get the keys to your flat. In case, you already have a house this can also act as your investment where you can get returns through rental incomes. Thus, you move in or not, you can always get rental income when it comes to buying ready possession apartments.

Looking at the advantages of buying ready possession flats, we can see that we will definitely be benefitting from the same. BramhaCorp is offering ready to move in apartments across various prime areas in Pune city. Come and reap the benefits today and get to experience the luxurious lifestyle at BramhaCorp!

Friday, 13 October 2017

Possession Ready Flats at BramhaCorp

The real estate market is blooming in Pune, especially the ready-to-move-in flats are greatly in demand. Though the GST implementation initially created some concern among buyers’ minds, it soon proved an advantage for people who are looking for ready-possession flats. They don’t have to pay the GST on the completed and ready possession projects. Furthermore, RERA brought additional customer-centric changes in the real estate industry.

If you are looking forward to investing in real estate, now seems to be the best time to do so. We at BramhaCorp are offering projects which are ready to move in. Our projects having premium 2 BHK and 3 BHK ready possession flats in some of the prime locations have been the talk of the town. Adhering to our legacy of innovation, we continue to fulfill our promise of the best of comfort, luxury, architecture, and engineering combined together. Let us have a look at the various residential projects which we have to offer.

F-Residences, New Kalyani Nagar (Phase1: OCC/0214/17; Phase2: RERA approved-P52100001526, ​P52100002099)F-Residences located at New Kalyani Nagar is another benchmark created by BramhaCorp. This is the world’s first collaboration with Paris based International Fashion Channel F-TV which results in accentuating the architecture of this project with elements of fashion and glamour. In this project, we provide configurations in 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 3.5 BHK fashion condos. World-class amenities like swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court; children’s play area add to the project’s popularity. F-Residences has been stealing the show for quite some time. Come and be a part of F-Residences, New Kalyani Nagar 

Vantage+, Bavdhan (OCC/0182/17)Vantage+, another attractive project at Bavdhan advantageously near to IT hub – Hinjewadi provides you with well-defined 2 and 3 BHK flats which will definitely cater to all needs of modern lifestyle. The best part of this project is the connectivity which it provides. Schools, colleges, hospitals are well within reach plus you also get immediate access to the Mumbai-Pune expressway. Amenities like jogging track, centralized gas bank, children’s play area, and generator backup are part of this project. These flats are ready possession, OC received flats and you can move in immediately. Live a peaceful life at Vantage+  with its lush green surroundings.

Meander, Kharadi (OCC/0212/17)Located at Kharadi, Meander is our beautiful project with an enviable mix of engineering and architecture. The wave-like architecture provides optimum sunlight and ventilation to each flat. The amenities provided here like rooftop swimming pool will definitely give you a relaxing lifestyle amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Meander, a residential scheme by BramhaCorp offers you artistically crafted 2 and 3 BHK ready possession flats needed for an amazing lifestyle.

WaterBay, New Kalyani Nagar (OCC/0213/17)As the name suggests WaterBay is a well-planned project which provides apartments with a water view and that too in New Kalyani Nagar - the heart of the city. The eleven storied buildings give you a great view and the state-of-the-art amenities make living easy and full of comfort. The connectivity of this project is the cherry on the cake and you will find all happening places within your reach. A happening life awaits here at WaterBay

Exuberance Elite, NIBM Road (RERA Approved- P52100001076)
Exuberance Elite is all about luxury. The 2 and 3 BHK flats are spacious and ensure a comfortable life. Amenities like swimming pool, clubhouse, tennis court and children’s play park make this place perfect for today’s fitness enthusiast families. The RERA approved project offers configurations of ready to move in 2 BHK and 3 BHK. Enjoy the elite life with Exuberance Elite

Contact us  to know more and our sales team will offer you all the needed assistance immediately. Let today’s investment be the joy of a great living forever!

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Why is Diwali the right time to invest in property?

Diwali is probably the most awaited festival of the year and why not? Diwali brings happiness, colour and success to our lives. Diwali is the festival of growth and prosperity. Hence, an investment in Diwali is believed to be highly auspicious. If you are looking forward to buying your dream home or making any investment in a second home, Diwali is the right time to take a plunge. The good news is that we at BramhaCorp have come up with some amazing projects which would definitely convince you to make an addition to your asset this Diwali.

Why BramhaCorp?
We strongly believe in offering complete customer satisfaction and the best-in-the-industry quality. Every project of BramhaCorp is planned and executed keeping these two essentials in mind. Every team member from the planners, architects, designers to the workers on the sites act as a well-tuned team whose aim is QUALITY which gets culminated into innovative and beautiful projects of BramhaCorp.

Every project we present is unique. The best part about our residential projects is that they are located at Pune’s prime and thriving locations like Kalyani Nagar, Bavdhan, NIBM Road, Kharadi and so on. As a result, connectivity is not at all an issue for you and your family. The apartments are designed to cater to the tastes of modern families and offer optimum space, comfort and privacy.

At BramhaCorp, we don’t just believe in creating houses, but we believe in creating homes. We also give a premium and luxurious lifestyle to our customers. The amenities like jogging tracks, swimming pools, children’s play areas, a generator back up for lifts, proper security provisions ensure that the residents have all the necessary comforts within the premises. The specifications of these 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments are of top-notch quality and thus you will be in love with your new home.

We are ready to welcome you!
Apart from being the Oxford of the East or the pensioners’ city for decades, Pune has earned a new identity for last two decades and that is of being the IT hub. Being close to Mumbai yet having a peaceful lifestyle along with pleasant weather and enhanced infrastructure has attracted many buyers from India as well as abroad to invest in the city. If you are looking for property options in well-established parts of Pune where education, health and entertainment facilities are within immediate reach then you should surely check out our projects located at NIBM- Exuberance Elite, New Kalyani Nagar- F-Residences & WaterBay, Bavdhan- Vantage+ , and Kharadi- Meander. A life full of convenience is waiting for you. Invest in your home with us and enjoy the joy of healthy and happy living even in this busy and stressful environment of the city.

BramhaCorp is definitely a name which you can trust when it comes to your cherished abode. We fulfill your dreams delivering houses which you always envisioned. Come and experience the BramhaCorp lifestyle with us and be amazed! Our homes are perfect for each one of your family members right from tiny tots to grandparents. Enquire with us for more details and have a look at our sample flats. Gift happiness to your loved ones this Diwali and move into your dream home soon!


Friday, 29 September 2017

Key Criteria To Consider While Investing In Real Estate

Investing in the real estate market is quite intricate as compared to the other investment options. For this reason, it becomes essential for an investor to consider these essential criterions while investing in the real estate sector.

1. Location–The location of a property is pivotal in determining its present worth and future prices. Also, if you are an end user, then you should opt for the location that has proximity to basic amenities, which is peaceful and safe, surrounded by greenery, and offers convenient access to various modes of transportation.

2. Total Valuation of the Property–The valuation of a property comprises major elements that may influence the price of the property. This includes the listing price, investment analysis, taxation, insurance premium, and other market-related factors. So, make sure you invest only in a property that has positive net worth.

3. Purpose – This is another major factor to consider. You should be clear about your end goal from a property: whether you are buying it for investment or for end use. But no matter what the purpose is, it is essential to select a property that can fetch you appreciations in the long run.

4. Have Detailed Knowledge of the Leverage–It is essential to consider the total loan amount you can avail and the available sources of income with which you can pay for it. Loans are convenient, but they have a huge cost associated with them. So, consider all the possible risks and learn all the ways to handle the loan so that you can benefit from it and get the maximum advantages.

5. Check for the Company’s Reputation – Another important criterion to consider is to invest in a company that holds a sound reputation in the market like BramhaCorp Ltd. in Pune. It is important that you invest in a developer or builder that can provide you with the project as per the decided timeline, and is known to offer high construction quality.

6. Property Taxes – There has been a lot of evaluation and alteration regarding the taxes implemented on the property. You may not be aware of all of them. In such situations, it is important that you gain complete and updated knowledge about taxes levied on a property. If you find that the tax is higher than what you are aware of, then ask for the justification.

7. Investment in Existing or New Constructions–New constructions are always offered at attractive prices, but they have risks associated with them, like delay in possession, increased costs, lack of neighboring surroundings, and more. Properties on resale involve lots of check on documents, ownership, and legal matters. So, consider these factors before you take the final decision.

Real estate investments offer high ROI but have some risk associated with them, you need to choose a property at a thriving area and from a trusted brand. Be thoughtful and make a logical, intelligent decision of investing in real estate only after considering the above mentioned key criteria.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Pune’s Real Estate Market In The Next 10 Years

Pune is among the few cities in India that have accelerated steadily, and has made it among the 100 top cities in the country for its Real Estate sector.

Over the past five years, Pune’s real estate sector has evolved a lot and has been influenced by numerous factors. Among them, demonetization and GST implementation are the two major aspects that created a slight stir within the real estate sector across India. However, since Pune’s real estate has always been known to be steady, it balanced it out and stood as a clear winner even under this critical situation. For such reasons, it is deemed that next 10 years from now will be wonderful and lucrative for the real estate market of Pune.

Progressive Business Model in Pune’s Real Estate Sector
The main reason for this is the progressive business model adopted by the developers and builders in Pune. After implementation of strict guidelines and regulations from the Indian government and introduction of the RERA Act in 2017, the developers have now altered their business model. The new model focuses on timely completion of projects, equipping amenities that are promised, and ensuring high-quality of construction.

Increased Transparency between Developers and Buyers
Just like other regions, even Pune experiences an increased number of developers and builders joining hands with reputed national and international brands for raising funds and mitigating the risks. So, it is expected to deliver good transparency and will ultimately lead to restoring the confidence of buyers in the sector.

An Assortment of Projects in All Categories
The builders in Pune are focusing more on completing their existing projects, rather than introducing new ones. As a result, this serves as a golden opportunity for the fence-sitting home seekers and investors to take the plunge in the real estate market of Pune. Also, there are multiple options available from affordable housing to mid and luxury housing. Therefore, buyers can grab their dream house within their budget limit.

Unmatched Infrastructure
Since Pune holds proximity to Mumbai, it already boasts of a well-developed and well-planned infrastructure. But, besides an existing impressive infrastructure, there are few other projects in the pipeline, which are only going to add positives and gains to the real estate sector. Few of the top-notch projects are:
· Metro Rail
· An International Airport
· Bus Rapid Transit System

Sound Returns on Investment
The real estate segment of Pune is not only beneficial for end-user investment, but also for profitable investments. According to the Indian Real Estate Report, January – June 2017, Pune is held as one of the sound real estate markets with less unsold inventory and more number of completed projects.

In a nutshell, the real estate market of Pune is expected to boom in the next ten years as it houses all the elements required for a healthy and sustainable growth of the realty sector.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Luxury Living Redefined

Luxury Living can be defined by four of the most important aspects, namely- Lifestyle, Dining, Travel and Living. Here’s a glimpse of these elements when it comes to Pune.

Luxury and Glamorous Lifestyle in Pune
Presently, Pune stands as an important component of the world’s technological advancement, and the same is reflected in the modern homes of the city. The concept of luxury living has evolved, and the luxurious and glamorous lifestyle has become an integral part of the city. Just like the metropolitans of the country, Pune attracts visitors and home seekers with a high standard of lifestyle being offered herein.

Luxury Dining
Pune has evolved over the years, and it has now become an ideal center for one of the most luxurious dine-ins across the region. Those who are fond of lavish and tempting delicacies of various cuisines can enjoy a plateful of these in the best fine dining restaurants of the city.

Luxury Travel
If you are among those who prefer traveling with style and who wish to live a life of more comfort and high elegance, then this city is an ideal choice for you. There are various on-call cab facilities and reliable public transport options available that make traveling in Pune comfortable yet budget-friendly. The culture of Pune is similar to that of any other metropolitan city of the country and hence you can enjoy a great, luxurious traveling experience in the city.

Luxury Living in Pune
With the changing lifestyle and the need to cater to the dynamic changes among the individuals, there has occurred a need of offering exclusive elements within the boundaries. Although big, large spaces still add a charm to the luxury, it is not just about these spaces, as luxury has shifted to the location of the property and the range of amenities available as per the dynamic lifestyle. Everything has evolved, and what was a luxury in the past is a necessity today. Luxury is now no more limited to just the grandeur but has extended to space efficiency. With limited spaces, more advanced methods, designs, and concepts are implemented by the builders in Pune, to construct flats that are high on efficiency.

For instance, swimming pool, gym, and similar amenities were earlier considered as elements of luxury, while now they have become necessary amenities. So, if you are looking for a luxurious property in Pune, then don’t just look for space, but also look for the amenities and facilities, as things have changed and so has the meaning of luxury.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Safe Driving In The Rain

Monsoons may come unannounced but so do collisions. This is reason enough for you to drive safe in the rains. However experienced a driver you maybe, but safety should be your primary concern always. You need to adapt your driving to the rainy weather conditions because rains come with a myriad of problems like reduced visibility and loss of traction. The host of challenges brought about by torrential downpour cannot just be ignored. 

What are the precautions that one needs to take when driving in the rains?

Make a check on the vehicle condition -

1. Wiper blade is the quintessential requirement of a vehicle during monsoons. Check if the wiper blades are moving properly or if they need to be replaced.

2. Equally important is the brake pedal and the vehicle lights (headlight, taillight, braking light, turn indicator light) which need to be functioning.

3. Check out for the tyre inflation and tread. Poor tread and improper inflation affect the grip on wet roads.

Road tips when driving in the rain-

1. Follow the four-second rule during monsoon which means that you need to keep double the minimum safe distance from the vehicle in the front. Also, heavy vehicles like trucks and buses splash water on all sides which may disturb you while driving. So keep a safe distance from them.

2. Avoid driving on roads which you aren’t familiar with and don’t venture off the road without knowing the road conditions.

3. Be wary of roads that are completely submerged in water. Watch out for the low lying areas and the underpass during heavy rain.

4. Don’t risk driving your vehicle against the strong water currents. There is every possible chance that you have undermined the flowing water strength, and this water can pull at your wheels causing the vehicle to swerve and be swept off the road.

5. Follow the vehicle in front of you albeit at a safe distance and avoid overtaking.

6. Watch for the brake lights from vehicles on the opposite side.

7. Visibility is a case for concern during monsoon. The glare coming from the opposite vehicle coupled with the incessant rain falling on the windshield reduces the front end visibility. Go slow when the road ahead becomes invisible.

8. Water usually pools at either side of the road so make sure you drive on the highest elevated part of the road, and that happens to be the center.

9. Drive slowly, because fast driving causes the water to create waves and there is a possibility of water entering your vehicle and spoiling the electric circuit. Also, the speed increases the chance of aquaplaning. The tyres will not be able to displace the water on the roads fast enough with the result that the tyres will move on the water surface. This reduces the traction of tyres, and you lose control of your vehicle.

Vehicle handling tips while driving in the rain-

1. Do not apply sudden brakes. Let the brakes be gentle so that the wheels get locked smoothly.

2. Turn on the headlights so that others can see your approaching car. Don’t use hazard lights because that can distract the drivers in the front.

3. The driving conditions during monsoon demand that you do not accelerate when it isn’t required.

4. When your car is losing traction, start releasing the accelerator gradually so that the tyres regain the lost grip. Do not apply sudden brakes or turn the steering wheel as you risk losing car control.

We at BramhaCorp strongly believe, our customers are the reason for our success. They remain at our core. And hence we advocate safe driving in heavy rains. When the road conditions are not good in monsoon, it is always better to follow safe driving tips to avoid unnecessary hassles and collisions.