Friday, 30 June 2017

The Rising Demand For Luxury Homes In India

Along with budget homes, builders today are concentrating on luxury projects on a massive scale. This growing trend of buying luxury homes is mostly observed in the metros and other major cities which is the result of the changing demographics and improving aspirations of buyers. When you opt for a luxury house or villa, you not only acquire several high-class facilities but also many intangible benefits that one dreams of before purchasing a house. 

On the other hand, there are people who are not satisfied with just a simple shelter but think of something beyond that. The demand for luxury property is increasing day by day throughout the country. There are numerous reasons why Indian customers prefer luxury property as their lifetime asset.

Comfort: All modern amenities that today’s buyers look for are available in luxury real estate in India. Swimming pools, meditation centers, landscaped gardens, gyms, manicured lawns and much more arrive with your home tailored specially to match your class.

Status aspiration: When you buy a luxury home from an esteemed real estate company like BramhaCorp, you actually buy prestige. Most of the luxury homes in India offer the impeccable standard of pride and joy that their customers deserve. The lifestyle that these luxury homes provide is much more than just a postal address.

Security: An important aspect of the luxury homes today is security. The standard of security that we get when we buy a home under a luxury project is far beyond comparison with other simple homes. They come with top-of-the-line security with trained personnel and installations. The techniques and equipment that are used as security are of high standard in every aspect.

Technological Comfort: The living experience in high-end luxury homes like F- Residences has become extraordinary due to the availability of technologically advanced innovations for making one’s lifestyle simpler and classy. Many amazing features like remote-controlled window shutters, solar generators, and centrally air-conditioned rooms are perfectly tailored to meet the standard of the buyers of these luxury homes.

Good Neighbours: It is not only the amenities for which people prefer buying a luxury home, but other factors like a good neighbours group, also influence their buying decision. Many prefer reputed housing projects to provide a better surrounding and like-minded friend circle for their children in which the neighbourhood plays a great role.

Investment Value: The most traditional and high return investment pocket is buying real estate and gold. In both matters, the return of the value is high and it never lets your hard earned money go waste. Moreover, a luxury property is today noted as a performing asset that serves a practical purpose at the same time as it gains in value.

So, when you think of flats, think big, think luxury with some of the most classiest real estate projects in Pune.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Property Investment Hotspots In Pune

Along with Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Ahmedabad, another most thriving hotspot for residential project investments is Pune. Pune has grown to be a perfect mix of old world charm and cosmopolitan lifestyle. Factors like developing urbanization, the boom in the IT an automobile industry and expansion of residential properties have made Pune a preferred location for many potential buyers. If you are looking for the top-most destination for your dream home, then you may consider places like Kalyaninagar, Kharadi, Bavdhan, NIBM Road, Baner, Aundh, Sopan Bagh, Undri, Wanowire and many others that showcase some of the best homes in India. Many real estate companies cloud the market today, but very few like BramhaCorp can be trusted with closed eyes.

The market for real estate in India is wide enough for a person to decide. So, a brief idea about the most valued property investment hotspots in Pune could act as a guiding star for you when you actually take a decision on this lifetime investment.

Kalyani Nagar: A prime location for residential projects in Pune is Kalyani Nagar. Most of the professionals shifting their base to Pune have helped develop this place at an extraordinary pace. The offices of some of the best IT parks and famous hang-out places have made Kalyani Nagar a very posh location.

Kharadi: Among many other residential destinations in Pune, Kharadi stands to be another prominent one which could easily earn hearts of many at ease. Due to its proximity to the IT hubs, it is one of the most preferred locations for the IT professionals who look for comfort and convenience on the go.

Bavdhan: Flats in Bavdhan are gaining popularity, as it is one of the rapidly developing suburban areas in Pune and in close proximity to the IT hub. Pune’s real estate market has achieved a new dimension with the development and growth of Bavdhan where you can get all the essential amenities just when you need them.

NIBM Road: Are you fascinated about a place that is famous and the most sought after destination for home buyers; then NIBM road is the best option for you. NIBM road is near the cantonment area and has great scenic greenery. It is also closer to some of the major locations in the city. A perfect place from the residential point of view, NIBM road is a gathering of the most essential amenities for a healthy lifestyle.

Baner: The greenery and pollution free atmosphere of Baner are the foremost things that attract most of the home buyers to this place. Buying a house in Pune in the lap of nature is just like your dream come true. This place is also close to Hinjewadi, Pune’s most vibrant IT sector.

Sopan Baug: Premium luxury apartments are one great attraction for residents in Pune. Sopan Baug offers the best deals for such luxury housing and is also favoured due to its proximity to the heart of the city.

Aundh: Looking for a residence close to Baner? You may opt for a choice in Aundh. This is one of the most flourishing locations for students and professionals, since it is very close to the University of Pune. Connecting with Pashan and Baner along with proximity to entertainment places makes Aundh a great habitat.

No matter whether you’re a bachelor or a family person, a variety of properties in different investment hotspots and by the best builders in Pune, is all set to provide you the best comfort of home stay.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Ready To Move-in Property- The Pros And Cons

Ready to move- in property is that property which is complete and is ready for occupancy. When you wish to buy a house and have gathered the funds for the complete payment, you then have the best option of a ready-to-move property. In today’s fast world most of us lack the time and prefer to complete the deal in the shortest possible time. In such a condition, ready-to-move apartments are a hit in the market today.

While thinking about real estate in India, you may be perplexed by the endless options available. A right decision at this point would help you get the maximum benefit from the money invested. In this article, a discussion on the pros and cons of buying a ready possession project would prove highly beneficial in taking your decision.

You get what you see: In a ready-to-move property, you get to buy what you see. It is a completed project and is ready to be handed over to the buyer.

Easy available legal status: Since you are getting a ready and completed property, the legal status of the property is also easy to check and you can quickly obtain occupancy certificate and completion certificate as well, just when you need them.

No service tax: In a ready to move apartment, the best thing is that you need not pay any service tax for what you buy, which helps you save a lot of money on your purchase.

Get to check the neighbourhood: When you buy property in India, you need to also know about the neighbourhood. In a ready possession property, you already may have residents living there from whom you easily get to know more about your builder and quality of work.

Payment plans are not flexible: In comparison to under-construction projects, the payment plans for a ready-to-move property are not flexible. You need to complete the payment at a go, including down payment, stamp duty, registration charges, maintenance, etc.

More legal work and documentation: A lot of legal work and documentation is required when you buy a ready-to-move property than it is required in for an under-construction property.

Less scope of customization: When the flat is under construction, you have the full scope to make the rooms and house as per your requirement and preferences. But this provision is not available when you buy a property which is ready-to-move. You have to buy and stay in a home that is already complete.

Inflated cost: In comparison to under-construction projects, ready-to-move-in units are quite expensive when you actually buy them.

If you have an urgency to shift, then a ready-to-move property in India is of great benefit as an end user. These tips would be handy enough to enable you to take a decision.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

How To Decorate A Rented Home

Most of us at the beginning of our career may not have the opportunity or means to buy a home for ourselves and thus spend a major portion of the period in rented homes and apartments. When you have rented a house suitable for you, the decoration of the same according to your convenience is very difficult as this requires very tricky steps. This is because many landlords do not permit permanent changes to be made to their buildings or houses.

There are many difficulties that a tenant may face while thinking about home décor at their rented homes especially when it comes to flats in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and other metro cities, and one must be cautious about the same.

Restrictions: The most worrisome thought that comes with a rented house is that you cannot repair or renovate the house as per your choice or preference. Once there is a requirement to repair it, you need first to inform your owner and with his due permission. Sometimes it takes a lot of struggle, to get the scope to resolve your problems in the house.

You cannot choose your pick: When you are living in a rented house, you need to be always cautious about your landlord’s likes and dislikes. In this effort, your choice and preferences are likely to be neglected in most of the instances, and you would have to live with what your owner prefers.

On the other hand, there are also landlords who happily allow tenants to make small changes or repaint their homes with a promise from the tenants to return the home as it was before. There are also ways for interior décor by which you can relive a rented space as per your preferences without disturbing your owner at all. Here are some tips to make your rented house reflect your personality and choices with just a few additions and alterations.

• The most attractive elements in beautiful homes are the walls. Most of the rented homes come with white painted walls, and the landlords do not like any alterations in them. So, without disturbing the owner, you can make it your pick by adding a few patterns and designs of your own to the home décor.

• A smart way to highlight the most important parts of your home is to light up the area with a hanging lamp. This also helps lend a personal touch.

• You may not be happy with the outside space of your rented house. Spruce it up with a plain Jane patio that is sure to give you the feel of extra room. Decor it with your choice of art pieces.

• If you are not happy with the wall colour, you may also use some temporary wallpaper that can be easily pasted and taken off whenever you feel like.

• In case there are curtains already present, but not pleasing to the eye, you can add new ones according to your style preference. If there are no provisions for curtain rods, you can always create DIY curtain rods with the help of super- strong hooks available at any hardware store.

Until the time you move in to your own home, these ideas of budget décor are sure to prove highly beneficial in giving you the feel of your own space though rented.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Why should you invest in Pune’s Luxury Property Market?

Are you looking for some wise investment in real estate? Then your search ends in Pune. One of the most rapidly growing cities, Pune offers you an excellent return on your investment. Pune is a paradise if you consider its proximity to Mumbai and its pleasant weather throughout the year. Real estate developers are wisely picking up places around Pune which have superb growth aspects and are cashing in on the rapidly expanding horizons of Pune. When you think of returns, this move of investing in luxury projects in Pune is going to reap rich dividends in the long run.

Now, why should you invest in Pune’s luxury property market?

1. If you are living in Mumbai, then it makes sense to invest in a luxury second home in Pune. Luxury homes, because the amount you would spend on a simple second home in Mumbai is equivalent to the amount of a luxury home in Pune. And with that budget, you get so many choices to select from, in Pune.

2. Pune is affordable to invest, and furthermore, you get to enjoy the lifestyle as much as in a big metropolitan city. Be it shopping in malls or supermarkets, or eating out at the best dine-outs, Pune has everything big cities offer.

3. Pune has pleasant weather, and that makes it a pensioner’s paradise.

4. Pune has everything a cosmopolitan city offers; be it regarding education, health, work or entertainment. And, it is not crowded like the other metropolitan cities. With major investments in infrastructure like the transport system, the city has been able to attract foreign investors to view Pune as a promising destination for business investments.

5. In case you want to let out your apartment for rent, then you are sure to get more than enough of return on your investment. And luxury homes are often in high demand for people who come for short-term assignments and would not want the hassle of purchasing furniture and utilities in their rented apartment.

6. Even when the economy was down, the real estate market held its high in Pune. That is because the real estate developers never encouraged mass buying for investment sake and never allowed the prices to rise by speculation. So, even when the market was down, Pune real estate was going steady.

7. The city offers a lot in terms of employment opportunities in Automobile or IT, Banking or Education. Job opportunities are on the rise and this is why investing in Pune is never going to disappoint you.

8. Are you tired of working the whole week? Drive to weekend getaways near Pune like Lonavala or Khandala. You want to go on a long drive; solo or with family and friends, Pune has a whole lot of destinations in and around it. So life is never devoid of fun when you are in Pune.

9. When compared to other growing cities, Pune is considered a safe place with low crime rates. You needn’t worry about you and your family’s safety in this city.

10. Pune is growing by leaps and bounds in infrastructure, education, technology, and health. You will get ample excellent options for your kid's education or healthcare facilities for your family. And it is affordable both in terms of education and healthcare.

Investing in real estate makes sense when the location you have selected has the potential for growth. Pune is the city which is already developing and has scope for further development. It is one such city which will make you want to invest in its real estate.

Friday, 2 June 2017

The Driving Values Behind Brand BramhaCorp

If you are planning to make a lucrative investment in the real estate market in India, then Pune is undoubtedly a premium location that would serve all your present and future requirements. The city is a calm and beautiful place with a soothing climate that offers investors and homebuyers with a range of options to invest in. From leisure, retail, commercial, to other horizons there are endless investment options in this city that can offer you great returns in the future.

But just like any other region, even investing in Pune needs one to be cautious. You need to be watchful and make sure that you invest in a trusted project from reputed builders who can fulfill all their promises as per the decided time line. There are numerous builders in Pune who can offer you premium projects catering to all your needs, but ensure that you associate with one that is trustworthy and possesses complete market knowledge. Out of the various names in the list, one of the best and reliable real estate builders and developers is BramhaCorp.

The brand is an established player in the real estate sector that intends to offer elite solutions to its customers. Its previous projects like Le Meridien, Residency Club and the first advanced and modern, residential gated project - ‘SunCity' have become Pune’s benchmarks.

The corporate culture of the company is based on strong values that are reflected clearly in their actions. These values are as follows:

• Customer Satisfaction – This group has been able to avail lasting success as it always believes in making its customers happy and catering to them in the most optimal way.

• Innovation – BramhaCorp aims to offer services and products that are innovatively thought and designed. Their innovation and creativity reflect in their action, and the company always intends to provide customers with solutions, which they are otherwise not able to achieve from any other source.

• Associate Engagement –This is another important driving value of this leading group. The company is always hunting for intelligent talent that can offer clients with unmatched solutions and services.

BramhaCorp is one of the few brands which has earned a reputation built on lasting customer loyalty and trusted relationship with the customers. The company believes in developing an on-going relationship with the customers and hence intends to offer products and services that can proficiently meet the requirements of modern customers. With its on-going investments and elite solutions, BramhaCorp plans to become a global leader in the real estate segment.

Presently, it is constructing more than 2,000 residential projects and would also be introducing 4 new hotels. In addition to this, the company has also lined up an establishment of integrated townships, apartments of 2 & 3 BHK in Pune, upscale residences, and mixed use establishments. The company’s customers are its best endorsers as the entity has always aimed at offering its clients with excellent solutions and transparent dealings.

Pune provides investors with an option to invest in all types of properties. You can find affordable housing as well as luxury homes in Pune, to make an investment that reaps fruitful returns in the future. When you select a property, just ensure that it holds superior quality and is structured with modern standards. So, if you are planning to invest in Pune, then do check the latest options introduced by reliable brands.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

How to Turn Your House into a Home

Over time, most homeowners tend to feel that their house does not offer them the coziness and warmth that they expected. Although, their house seemed cozy and vibrant a few years ago, it doesn't appear to follow the latest home décor trends and innovation. Flavors and preferences of a family also change with years which bring in the need to introduce a décor that reflects your personality and style through the home. So, here are some interesting ways that you may adopt:

1. Lighting can create a great impact in the house. You may use modern, stylish lamps with varying types of lights to boost the mood of a room. If you don’t want to spend on buying new lampshades, then, a great way is to rearrange the already available shades in distinct rooms as they are fruitful in altering the overall décor of a house.

2. Another simple yet effective way to change the ambiance of your house is repainting the walls. Painting old walls with bright colors and welcoming colors can add great zeal and exquisiteness to a room. This way, you do not even have to discard the old furniture pieces. You can use every old thing in your house and style it differently to give your home a complete makeover.

3. Playing with the ceiling is a unique way to alter the décor of your home and give it a cozy and friendly feeling. You can paint the ceiling with distinct colors to give each room a distinct appearance. An exclusive interior decoration trend that has been recently introduced and preferred by most of the numbers is to add personalized paintings on the walls and that too, on a different wall than before. It would deliver an appealing look. You can even get your name written in the painting to create an artwork that can be cherished for life.

4. Display shelves for books and vintage items are an exclusive way to add liveliness and convenience to your home décor. You can use partitioned shelves or take professional assistance to get newly designed shelves that can add more space to the home and at the same time enhance the interiors. It is also an excellent way to showcase your personal collections to your friends or other guests.

5. For adding an illuminating effect to your house, you may use floor rugs; it serves as a great idea. You need to select a rug that complements your surrounding furniture and objects. Rugs also pull down the air pollutants and hence add a more positive character to the overall interiors of a house.

You can plan for a theme based home décor that can introduce charismatic, bold, or serene appearance to your house. Also, you can layer up your sitting space with colorful cushions that can add more charm to any space, be it the living room, kids room, or bedroom.

Try these simple tips as they are effective in delivering results and can surely transform your house into a beautiful home.