Friday, 9 February 2018

Fridays Have Now Become Fab Housing Fridays

BramhaCorp welcomes 2018 on an exciting note with its innovative offer– ‘Fab Housing Fridays’, the offer brings loads of wonderful surprises for the home buyers. BramhaCorp - the brand known for creating real estate benchmarks presents a range of luxurious 3.5, 3 & 2BHK flats in New Kalyani Nagar. If you are searching for the best apartments in New Kalyani Nagar, Pune then your search definitely ends here.

BramhaCorp – the winner of numerous global awards is one of the leading real state entities in Pune with over 7354 satisfied customers. By joining hands with the Paris-based international fashion channel, F-TV, BramhaCorp has raised the bars of luxury, style and elegance to offer Pune a new landmark. F-Residences in New Kalyani Nagar- a perfect mélange of style, innovation and convenience is the maiden venture of Fashion TV in India.

BramhaCorp brought exciting offers this month for F-Residences along with the assured deal of Pre-EMI Holidays!
  • Half stamp duty waiver: The buyers who booked condos during this week were charged only 50% of the stamp duty for the flat they booked in F-Residences, which means lots of savings for the buyers, isn’t that amazing? 
  • International Holiday Package: On the booking and owning of a condo at F-Residences, New Kalyani Nagar, the buyers will get an international couple holiday package. So, you not only get to reside in luxury, but also holiday in style! 
  • Home Décor Worth 3 Lacs: We take “extravagance” seriously! Home buyers, book a home and take back a luxurious condo with chic home décor worth 3 Lacs. 
  • White Goods Worth 2.5 Lacs: We know your comforts are nothing less than luxury. And that’s why, on the booking of a condo, we offer you white goods worth 2.5 Lacs. Here’s another reason why you shouldn’t waste any more time in booking your uber-stylish condo! 

Why F-Residences

Pune has always been the IT and education hub and now it is one of the hottest destinations for real estate. Settling in Pune could be the best and a game-changing decision of your life. The residential projects in New Kalyani Nagar have always ruled the minds of real estate investors.

The flats in New Kalyani Nagar are known for luxury, convenience and class. If you love to live in style and want to own a house that talks about your tastes and aspirations, then F-Residences is the best option for you. The elegant external and internal architecture will surely mesmerize you and leave your guests envious of you. A happening life full of state-of-the-art plush amenities beckons you at F-Residences to enjoy life to the fullest.

Let your cozy and rejuvenating abode at F-Residences reflect your dreams and aura with an artistic touch by Fashion TV, which collaborates, with BramhaCorp for the first time in India to continue its legacy of presenting the best and iconic fashion elements.

And that’s not all. If you have missed the offers earlier, do not lose heart, you still have a chance to avail these offers. Lose no time and click here to book your condo. Remember, the bookings have gone up and this is a limited period offer.

An address at the iconic F-Residences – the latest landmark of New Kalyani Nagar is waiting for you.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Fab Housing Fridays at F-Residences, New Kalyani Nagar, Pune

With its thoughtfully designed architecture, F-Residences has set high expectations for the people of Pune. Being the world’s first F-Residences in collaboration with Paris based fashion television channel F-TV, it is a perfect blend of luxury, glamour, elegance and fashion.

This maiden venture of Fashion TV in India incorporates some of the most iconic fashion elements into its architecture. Its 2, 3 and 3.5 bhk configuration has redefined luxury living that lets you climb the fashion ladder with panache.

The upper-hand of buying a home at F-Residences is that it has several ultra-modern amenities. Also, this RERA approved residency is located in New Kalyani Nagar, which brings it in proximity to hotels, malls, educational institutes and other important distances. Pune is enjoying the legacy of a renowned builder with its masterpiece at the most favorable location.

But that’s not all in the bucket. F-Residences has more to offer you!

F-Residences, has come up with something interesting for the property-seekers in Pune - “Fab Housing Fridays”.

Freebies always make us happy. Be it extra cheese on pizza or incentives on digital payment. But what if you get rewarded for buying a home?

Yes, you heard it right!

We are glad to announce that with every condo you book at F-residences you get an additional deal every Friday, garnished with an assured deal of ‘No Pre-EMI for a year’*. The offer will be valid for a week and a new deal will be waiting you the coming Friday.

It means you can take home something extra along with the keys. Aha!

According to experts, winter is the best time to buy a home, keeping in mind the considerations like lesser competition during this time and property price hike later in the summers.

You can take the best advantage of the season with Fab Housing Friday.

All you need with a luxurious home is a stress-free life. But many of us have to resort to home loans to finance the purchase of a home, which is no more an issue. F-Residences bring in the advantage of ‘No pre-EMI for a year’*! Now the buyers need not think twice before the buying decision.

And that’s not all. You also get deals which will be revealed every Friday, effective until next Thursday. A new deal will also be awaiting you the next Friday. So every week there will be a new offer on a purchase of a condo!

A trump card undoubtedly!

Now, don’t just wait for a movie on Fridays when you can have so much more to look forward to. Thanks to F-residences!

Have a ‘Fab’ weekend.

Limited Period Offer
*T&C Apply

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Laws Prevailing NRI Real Estate Investment in India You Must Know About

India is considered as among the topmost tempting real estate investment destinations as increasing number of NRIs are investing in locations in India. As per a research by Square Yards, the overall Non-resident Indian investment in top key cities is expected to gain around USD 11.5 million in 2017. Special thanks to the latest real estate laws for making the purchasing of a property for a Non-resident Indian easier than ever before. Anyone carrying Indian passport is allowed to invest in Indian real estate except for the property which is not an agricultural land, a farmhouse or a plantation property. The NRIs are advised to understand the prevailing policies, laws and reforms well, while there is a favorable market scenario for a real estate purchase. There are some key rules to help the non-resident Indian with the process.

One of the key considerations is understanding of the financial landscape when a non-resident Indian is investing in Indian real estate. Are you an NRI and looking for investing in Indian property? Then you are just at the right place. Here you will get some of the worth mentioning tips to consider while stepping towards property purchasing.

Must know laws for NRI real estate investments

· Regulatory act: Do you possess an Indian passport? Then you do not need to seek for prior permission for making a property investment in India. The honourable Reserve Bank of India has enacted some simple but attractive laws to magnetize more foreign investments. There are rules under Foreign Exchange Management (FEMA) to govern real estate transactions.

· Types of various properties to invest in: There is no restricted number of properties for the non-resident Indians to invest in. A person of Indian origin (PIO), as well as an NRI, is allowed to purchase commercial and residential properties both as many as they want. However, this is to be remembered that there lies a restriction on foreign investment when the property is an agricultural land, a farmhouse or a plantation property. An NRI is only permitted to invest in such properties if it is gifted or inherited.

· Financial funding and transactions: Remember, every transaction related to property investments in India is required to be done through Indian banks in Indian currency. The person needs to have an NRI account in a nationalized Indian bank. If the paperwork is clean, an NRI would find no difficulty to avail bank loans for the purchase. Under several financial institutions in India, there are a number of NRI home loan options that are offered. In case you are getting your property funded, then make sure that you own minimum 20% of the property value to invest of your own. Remember you are allowed to take maximum 80% of the property value.

· Power of attorney: You are required to give power of attorney to a trusted associate or to your builder, in case you are purchasing a property under construction. You are advised to take the support from your lawyer to word the document aptly making your investment secure and leaving no chance of forgery, while the property is being developed.

· Tax benefits: Even If you are a non-resident Indian, you’re allowed to relish most of the tax benefits that an Indian citizen enjoys. It is considered as the short-term capital gain and the earnings through the taxable properties only if you sell the property within three years of purchase. But in case you sell the property after three years, you will have the choice of reducing the long-term capital gains by investing in another property.

CREDAI, The Confederation of Real Estate Developers Associations of India organizes exhibitions for non-resident Indians on a regular basis. It helps them to go through various investment options that come with spot loans from top banks. Easy investment options along with reduced down payment value are also offered. Therefore, it would be better if you crosscheck all the given offers from CREDAI before investing in real estate in India.

If you are an NRI and planning for investing in real estate in India then it is wise to go through the rules carefully to avoid unwanted mess before making a purchase.

Monday, 18 December 2017

A Guide for Single Home Buyers

Purchasing a home for the first time is definitely a challenge as tempting offers leave you in a dilemma. Buyers often find it difficult to decide whether to go with the first house that comes within their budget or continue to rent. First time home buyers in India require following safety guidelines before signing on the dotted lines of the agreement. Some of the mentionable tips are given below that are intended to guide the inexperienced home buyers as they are about to finalize one of the most important investments in their life.

Let’s focus on the tips to have a successful purchase.

Considerations before you buy a home
  • Financial planning: Before you make the decision to invest in a property it is immensely important to ensure absolute financial planning. Take the initiative by reviewing your recent liabilities such as life insurance, student loans or any other commitments to get a bird’s-eye-view of your actual monthly income. Limit your budget for purchasing a home based on your household budget and the amount of money you can afford to put aside for the monthly EMI of your home loan. Except for the EMI you need to have a healthy savings account that can support you while paying additional incidentals such as registration, stamp duty and other sundry charges.
  • Your future goals and needs: If you are deciding to invest in a property then it is essential to not only have a clear idea of your present requirements but you also need to consider your future goals and needs. Some of the buyers seek capital appreciation through a long-term investment, some of the buyers just want a perfect home for the family, there are some buyers who wish to be a part of the new upcoming complex, and some desire to move closer to their workplace. When you are investing a huge amount of your hard-earned money you need to be clear about your future needs and goals, and to ensure that you make an informed choice. 
  • Research location: Location is another chief factor to consider before you make an investment. It is always wise to purchase a high-growth area where there is enough potential for capital gains and growth. Keep things in mind for considerations such as proximity to educational institutions, connectivity to business area, shopping malls and hospitals. You are advised to be prepared for your financial targets which may have a detrimental or positive impact on the predicted price of your property. Make sure that the location of your new home suits your budget and personal requirement. 
  • The credibility of the builder: This is considered as one of the important factors to check while making investments. Before buying a property, the buyer must look into the credibility of the builder. This essentially stands for checking on the developer’s previous projects, rate of appreciation in value, quality of construction, number of future projects and current demand in the market. The purchaser would be beneficial if the developer is affiliated with a governing body such as CREDAI. 
  • Allotment letter: Have you selected your property and paid the first installment? If yes, then your builder may soon give the allotment letter to you. This allotment letter contains details about the property that has been allotted to you. 
  • The sale deed: It is to be the most valuable document in a buying process of a real estate. The sale deed is an essential document which is governed by the registration act for both the seller and the buyer. Until the sale deed is signed between the seller and the buyer, the sale or purchase of the property is not legally completed. 
Above are the key factors which has to be considered while purchasing properties. A healthy mix of the above considerations will definitely guide you towards your ideally located home.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Appreciating The Hard Work Of Our Dedicated Employees.

BramhaCorp Ltd. has been a trendsetter name in the real estate market of Western India for years now. Starting in 1982, we have a strong legacy of quality and excellence for more than 35 years. BramhaCorp – the favorite brand of thousands of happy customers is known for its values and great work. We owe this success to our employees and they are our most important assets. BramhaCorp is blessed with an excellent team, which bonds together and works together which is the foundation of its successful offerings. To celebrate and appreciate the hard work of our employees, we organized various events to tell them they are important to us.

Engineers Day
On 15thSeptember 2017, Engineers Day was celebrated at F-Residences, New Kalyani Nagar to appreciate the hard work of all our engineers who are one of the reasons behind our architectural success for all our projects. All the employees enjoyed a lot and it was a good break from the work routine.

Fun Time for all HODs and Project Heads
A fun trip was organized at Residency Lake Resort at Pune on 8th September 2017. This trip was a great experience coupled with fun-filled team building activities. Our team enjoyed it to the fullest and had interesting informal discussions.

The Spirit….BramhaCorpians!
Introduction of the RERA act imposed a lot of work on our employees. Kudos to them, we were able to upload all the RERA related compliance within the given time. The Spirit was an event, which took place at Residency Club in Pune on 5th August 2017.This event was to appreciate the spirit of BramhaCorpians. Certain appraisals were also awarded to the concerned employees. This boosted the confidence in the employees and was a great event in order to keep the team motivated.

International Yoga Day
BramhaCorp also takes care of the health of the employees. We celebrated International Yoga Day on 21st June 2017 at Residency Club, Pune; the importance of health and Yoga was the main focus of the event.

Career Counseling Session - For BramhaCorpian Kids
We care for the families of our employees too. A career counselling session was arranged by BramhaCorp for the kids of our employees on 7th June 2017 at Residency Club, Pune. Professional career counselors guided the kids and addressed their career related queries too.

Kids of BramhaCorpians - Summer Camp
A fun-filled summer camp was organized by BramhaCorp on 22nd May, 2017 where kids from the age group of 5-12 participated. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the camp that included active and passive activities throughout the day.

Colours of Happiness (Holi Celebration and Birthday Bash)
Holi - the festival of colors has always been celebrated with enthusiasm at BramhaCorp. On 11thMarch 2017 we had a vibrant event at Residency Club, Pune where Holi was celebrated along with birthday bash.

Dandiya Bash 2017
On 29th September, the team rocked and enjoyed the traditional Dandiya at Residency Club. The enthusiasm of ladies who followed the tradition of wearing nine colors on all 9 days of Navratri was at its peak. It was a Dandiya Bash to remember.

These occasions are the opportunities we take to salute the spirit of our employees, which connect them with each other and create a sense of belonging to the company.

BramhaCorp is not just a company but it is a closely-knit family. Our employees are foremost pillars of our strong brand architecture and we cannot imagine our journey without them and that’s what makes us to never miss an opportunity to commend them in every manner.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Reasons Why You Should Invest In Ready- possession Homes

When it comes to investing in real estate, the question of whether to go for an under construction site or a ready possession home always arises. Ready possession homes do come at a higher price than under construction sites but, as every coin has two sides, they have certain benefits too. Let us have a look at the beneficial side of the coin.

Great Deals:
Ready possession projects have some great deals to offer and thus you can get your home at a much cheaper cost than you had anticipated. You can get great deals in prime locations of the city. Under construction sites don’t have that privilege, as normally the payment for these sites is made in instalments and thus it is costlier.

Buy What You See:
When it comes to buying houses, it is preferred that you buy what you see. In this way you can get a better idea of what interior you can do to decorate your home. You also get an idea of the furniture you need to use, or how can you use your existing furniture and so on. This also gives you a fair idea of how much money you require to invest in interiors.

Immediate Delivery
The delivery time period is one of the major uncertainties when it comes to buying a flat which is under construction. The more the delivery time is delayed more is the EMI which one has to pay. This can be really frustrating. Therefore investing in a ready to move in flat can be of benefit if we look at it in terms of financial planning.

Well Settled Neighbourhood
The best part about buying a possession ready flat is the well-settled neighbourhood which you get along with that. When you move into a newly constructed or an under construction project it takes a lot of time for the things to run smoothly. However, when it comes to ready to use flats, this problem is also solved as you move into a well-settled neighbourhood where all the facilities like clubhouse, swimming pool, gymnasium are all functioning and you can enjoy these amenities immediately as soon as you move in!

Rental Income

Rent is one of the expenses which you can immediately get rid of. You can move in and save your monthly rent expenses as soon as you get the keys to your flat. In case, you already have a house this can also act as your investment where you can get returns through rental incomes. Thus, you move in or not, you can always get rental income when it comes to buying ready possession apartments.

Looking at the advantages of buying ready possession flats, we can see that we will definitely be benefitting from the same. BramhaCorp is offering ready to move in apartments across various prime areas in Pune city. Come and reap the benefits today and get to experience the luxurious lifestyle at BramhaCorp!

Friday, 13 October 2017

Possession Ready Flats at BramhaCorp

The real estate market is blooming in Pune, especially the ready-to-move-in flats are greatly in demand. Though the GST implementation initially created some concern among buyers’ minds, it soon proved an advantage for people who are looking for ready-possession flats. They don’t have to pay the GST on the completed and ready possession projects. Furthermore, RERA brought additional customer-centric changes in the real estate industry.

If you are looking forward to investing in real estate, now seems to be the best time to do so. We at BramhaCorp are offering projects which are ready to move in. Our projects having premium 2 BHK and 3 BHK ready possession flats in some of the prime locations have been the talk of the town. Adhering to our legacy of innovation, we continue to fulfill our promise of the best of comfort, luxury, architecture, and engineering combined together. Let us have a look at the various residential projects which we have to offer.

F-Residences, New Kalyani Nagar (Phase1: OCC/0214/17; Phase2: RERA approved-P52100001526, ​P52100002099)F-Residences located at New Kalyani Nagar is another benchmark created by BramhaCorp. This is the world’s first collaboration with Paris based International Fashion Channel F-TV which results in accentuating the architecture of this project with elements of fashion and glamour. In this project, we provide configurations in 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 3.5 BHK fashion condos. World-class amenities like swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court; children’s play area add to the project’s popularity. F-Residences has been stealing the show for quite some time. Come and be a part of F-Residences, New Kalyani Nagar 

Vantage+, Bavdhan (OCC/0182/17)Vantage+, another attractive project at Bavdhan advantageously near to IT hub – Hinjewadi provides you with well-defined 2 and 3 BHK flats which will definitely cater to all needs of modern lifestyle. The best part of this project is the connectivity which it provides. Schools, colleges, hospitals are well within reach plus you also get immediate access to the Mumbai-Pune expressway. Amenities like jogging track, centralized gas bank, children’s play area, and generator backup are part of this project. These flats are ready possession, OC received flats and you can move in immediately. Live a peaceful life at Vantage+  with its lush green surroundings.

Meander, Kharadi (OCC/0212/17)Located at Kharadi, Meander is our beautiful project with an enviable mix of engineering and architecture. The wave-like architecture provides optimum sunlight and ventilation to each flat. The amenities provided here like rooftop swimming pool will definitely give you a relaxing lifestyle amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Meander, a residential scheme by BramhaCorp offers you artistically crafted 2 and 3 BHK ready possession flats needed for an amazing lifestyle.

WaterBay, New Kalyani Nagar (OCC/0213/17)As the name suggests WaterBay is a well-planned project which provides apartments with a water view and that too in New Kalyani Nagar - the heart of the city. The eleven storied buildings give you a great view and the state-of-the-art amenities make living easy and full of comfort. The connectivity of this project is the cherry on the cake and you will find all happening places within your reach. A happening life awaits here at WaterBay

Exuberance Elite, NIBM Road (RERA Approved- P52100001076)
Exuberance Elite is all about luxury. The 2 and 3 BHK flats are spacious and ensure a comfortable life. Amenities like swimming pool, clubhouse, tennis court and children’s play park make this place perfect for today’s fitness enthusiast families. The RERA approved project offers configurations of ready to move in 2 BHK and 3 BHK. Enjoy the elite life with Exuberance Elite

Contact us  to know more and our sales team will offer you all the needed assistance immediately. Let today’s investment be the joy of a great living forever!